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Overcome The Past

Tackle your painful, abusive past and learn how to build healthy relationships with others.

Sexual Abuse Counseling

Sexual abuse affects an alarmingly high number of people, both male and female. Sexual abuse occurs whenever someone threatens, forces, or pressures another person to have sexual contact with them. Although sexual abuse mainly occurs in childhood and adolescence, the effects of the abuse linger.

Sexual Abuse Survivors Struggles


Healing from the devastating effects of sexual abuse can take a long time. Both individual and group therapy can help children, adolescents, and adult women and men through the process of healing. All of the above issues can be addressed in therapy.

Together We Can Overcome

Novo Counseling offers therapy groups for adult women who are survivors of sexual abuse. Groups are 10 weeks in length and meet on Wednesday evenings. These groups are "closed" This means that once the 10-week group has started, no additional members will be added to the group. This allows cohesion to develop and be maintained within the group, increasing the effectiveness for the individual group members. In addition, it keeps the group environment comfortable. Group therapy offers women the opportunity to explore emotions, connect with others, and develop new coping skills. Join us in this safe space to explore, renew, and strengthen yourself. The group process is a powerful healing experience as well as a therapeutic tool when utilized in conjunction with individual therapy.

Counseling Benefits


Novo Counseling is here to help survivors of sexual abuse through their own process of healing. We understand the importance of upholding confidentiality, while providing a safe environment for each individual. We embrace the highest ethical standards and work to provide the highest quality of care for the clients.

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